Barefoot after the rain 0
Barefoot after the rain 1
Barefoot after the rain 2

It rained. In the park, the meadow is wet and the ground wet ....

As always perfect barefoot weather!

My day barefoot 0
My day barefoot 1
My day barefoot 2

It is summer. I walk barefoot all day long. In the bus, while strolling around the city, shopping, at the registration office and of course also when I drive a car .... Come with me and join me! Look at how I get really black soles and walk around in public with it! Maybe you even recognize in which city I'm traveling? Come along! This video will show you ....

Barefoot car driving  0
Barefoot car driving  1
Barefoot car driving  2

Sylvie drives barefoot by car. Of course, a manual transmission; o)

sweet girl

2:34 minutesBarefoot
sweet girl 0
sweet girl 1
sweet girl 2
sweet girl 3
sweet girl 4

Sweet barefoot girl.....

hot and sexy