barefoot in Augsburg 0
barefoot in Augsburg 1
barefoot in Augsburg 2
barefoot in Augsburg 3
barefoot in Augsburg 4

I take the train to Augsburg to me to see the city! The shoes I leave completely at home!
Total barefoot I make this huge trip! OMG, that gives black soles!

On the dirt road

3:01 minutesBarefoot
On the dirt road 0
On the dirt road 1
On the dirt road 2
On the dirt road 3
On the dirt road 4

On the dirt road barefoot .....

Sport at home

Yvette Costeau3:49 minutesBarefoot
Sport at home 0
Sport at home 1
Sport at home 2
Sport at home 3
Sport at home 4

Yvette makes home exercise!

Of course barefoot ....

dirty feet

Yvette Costeau5:14 minutesBarefoot
dirty feet 0
dirty feet 1
dirty feet 2
dirty feet 3
dirty feet 4

real dirty feet after working in the garden...

in Sweden

Yvette Costeau5:12 minutesBarefoot
in Sweden 0
in Sweden 1
in Sweden 2
in Sweden 3
in Sweden 4

Its raining in Sweden...

Weather for barefoot-action....

barefoot boat trip 0
barefoot boat trip 1
barefoot boat trip 2
barefoot boat trip 3
barefoot boat trip 4

a boat-trip in Hanover....

sexy girl Yvette is driving barefoot

verry dirty feet

5:02 minutesBarefoot
verry dirty feet 0
verry dirty feet 1
verry dirty feet 2
verry dirty feet 3
verry dirty feet 4

sexy girl outdoor with verry dirty feet...

barefoot in the supermarket 0
barefoot in the supermarket 1
barefoot in the supermarket 2
barefoot in the supermarket 3
barefoot in the supermarket 4

Yvette is shopping in the supermarket barefoot with dirty soles....