Dirty soles and toy 0
Dirty soles and toy 1
Dirty soles and toy 2

A fulfilled wish: Could you please make a video in which it worried itself a sexy girl and she shows her dirty feet in the camera?

We can!


On the stairs 0
On the stairs 1
On the stairs 2

Barefoot on the stairs to the shopping center ....

Barefoot car driving  0
Barefoot car driving  1
Barefoot car driving  2

Sylvie drives barefoot by car. Of course, a manual transmission; o)


Yvette Costeau11:02 minutesBarefoot
Renovating 0
Renovating 1
Renovating 2

When renovating the new house, the girl is of course barefoot! Although it is dirty everywhere and the paint drips. Naked feet are obligatory!

Black soles

7:31 minutesBarefoot
Black soles 0
Black soles 1
Black soles 2

In a summer walk, the soles are actually so black you have to go to the bathtub in the evening; o)

Will they get clean again?

sweet girl

2:34 minutesBarefoot
sweet girl 0
sweet girl 1
sweet girl 2
sweet girl 3
sweet girl 4

Sweet barefoot girl.....

hot and sexy

Yvette in Rothenburg

4:53 minutesBarefoot
Yvette in Rothenburg 0
Yvette in Rothenburg 1
Yvette in Rothenburg 2
Yvette in Rothenburg 3
Yvette in Rothenburg 4

Yvette walked barefoot through Rothenburg ....

Barefoot on the bridge

3:04 minutesBarefoot
Barefoot on the bridge 0
Barefoot on the bridge 1
Barefoot on the bridge 2
Barefoot on the bridge 3
Barefoot on the bridge 4

Sexy and Jenny walks around barefoot on the bridge ....