My day barefoot 0
My day barefoot 1
My day barefoot 2

It is summer. I walk barefoot all day long. In the bus, while strolling around the city, shopping, at the registration office and of course also when I drive a car .... Come with me and join me! Look at how I get really black soles and walk around in public with it! Maybe you even recognize in which city I'm traveling? Come along! This video will show you ....

Dirty in the basement - bathtub 0
Dirty in the basement - bathtub 1
Dirty in the basement - bathtub 2

Barefoot in the cellar sort the garbage! I get dirty feet quickly. Oops, then I also peed into the jeans. Then I have to go into the bathtub and wash my feet very quickly.

at home

2:04 minutesFoot Fetish
at home 0
at home 1
at home 2
at home 3
at home 4

This sweet girl is always barefoot on the road! In her in the house anyway; o)

Barefooted through Augsburg 0
Barefooted through Augsburg 1
Barefooted through Augsburg 2
Barefooted through Augsburg 3
Barefooted through Augsburg 4

From my domina I was led on the line barefoot through Augsburg ....

barefoot in Augsburg 0
barefoot in Augsburg 1
barefoot in Augsburg 2
barefoot in Augsburg 3
barefoot in Augsburg 4

I take the train to Augsburg to me to see the city! The shoes I leave completely at home!
Total barefoot I make this huge trip! OMG, that gives black soles!

Down the Street

5:01 minutesBarefoot
Down the Street 0
Down the Street 1
Down the Street 2
Down the Street 3
Down the Street 4

Barefoot Girl Jessy walking down the street ...

by the field

3:35 minutesBarefoot
by the field 0
by the field 1
by the field 2
by the field 3
by the field 4

Sexy Jessy barefoot by the fields


2:37 minutesBarefoot
Jessy 0
Jessy 1
Jessy 2
Jessy 3
Jessy 4

even the madness this sweet sexy girl .... and always barefoot!

Jennys walk

2:34 minutesBarefoot
Jennys walk 0
Jennys walk 1
Jennys walk 2
Jennys walk 3
Jennys walk 4

Jenny's walk
Jenny loves to be barefoot on the go!

She seems to have no shoes ....

Jenny on the street

4:10 minutesBarefoot
Jenny on the street 0
Jenny on the street 1
Jenny on the street 2
Jenny on the street 3
Jenny on the street 4

The sweet teeny mouse Jenny walked barefoot along the dirt road ...

Pretty sexy!