Summertime walk

16:55 minutesBarefoot
Summertime walk 0
Summertime walk 1
Summertime walk 2
Summertime walk 3
Summertime walk 4

The sweet girl walks in the summer completely chilled barefoot through the world ....

barefoot at the garbage 0
barefoot at the garbage 1
barefoot at the garbage 2
barefoot at the garbage 3
barefoot at the garbage 4

Yvette always barefoot disposed of their garbage!

On the dirt road

3:01 minutesBarefoot
On the dirt road 0
On the dirt road 1
On the dirt road 2
On the dirt road 3
On the dirt road 4

On the dirt road barefoot .....

Down the Street

5:01 minutesBarefoot
Down the Street 0
Down the Street 1
Down the Street 2
Down the Street 3
Down the Street 4

Barefoot Girl Jessy walking down the street ...

No shoes...

1:44 minutesBarefoot
No shoes... 0
No shoes... 1
No shoes... 2
No shoes... 3
No shoes... 4

even the madness this sweet sexy girl .... and always barefoot!

Jennys walk

2:34 minutesBarefoot
Jennys walk 0
Jennys walk 1
Jennys walk 2
Jennys walk 3
Jennys walk 4

Jenny's walk
Jenny loves to be barefoot on the go!

She seems to have no shoes ....