Barefooted through Augsburg 0
Barefooted through Augsburg 1
Barefooted through Augsburg 2
Barefooted through Augsburg 3
Barefooted through Augsburg 4

From my domina I was led on the line barefoot through Augsburg ....

Cake Crushing 0
Cake Crushing 1
Cake Crushing 2
Cake Crushing 3
Cake Crushing 4

With the naked feet a cream cake is crushed ..... more and more and more ....

barefoot in Augsburg 0
barefoot in Augsburg 1
barefoot in Augsburg 2
barefoot in Augsburg 3
barefoot in Augsburg 4

I take the train to Augsburg to me to see the city! The shoes I leave completely at home!
Total barefoot I make this huge trip! OMG, that gives black soles!

barefoot at the garbage 0
barefoot at the garbage 1
barefoot at the garbage 2
barefoot at the garbage 3
barefoot at the garbage 4

Yvette always barefoot disposed of their garbage!

On the dirt road

3:01 minutesBarefoot
On the dirt road 0
On the dirt road 1
On the dirt road 2
On the dirt road 3
On the dirt road 4

On the dirt road barefoot .....

Down the Street

5:01 minutesBarefoot
Down the Street 0
Down the Street 1
Down the Street 2
Down the Street 3
Down the Street 4

Barefoot Girl Jessy walking down the street ...

more Jessy

3:04 minutesBarefoot

by the field

3:35 minutesBarefoot
by the field 0
by the field 1
by the field 2
by the field 3
by the field 4

Sexy Jessy barefoot by the fields

sweet girl

2:34 minutesBarefoot
sweet girl 0
sweet girl 1
sweet girl 2
sweet girl 3
sweet girl 4

Sweet barefoot girl.....

hot and sexy

Yvette in Rothenburg

4:53 minutesBarefoot
Yvette in Rothenburg 0
Yvette in Rothenburg 1
Yvette in Rothenburg 2
Yvette in Rothenburg 3
Yvette in Rothenburg 4

Yvette walked barefoot through Rothenburg ....